Solana Staking Guide

How to Stake $SOL on Solana with Solflare

  1. Creating your Solana wallet
  2. Creating & delegating your Stake Account
  3. Managing your Staking Operations

About Solflare

Solflare is a non-custodial wallet created by VGNG. It was the first wallet that enabled token-holders to send, receive, and stake $SOL without having to touch a single line of code. After the update, you can now manage all of your Solana assets and operations with Solflare: SOL, SPLs, NFTs, storing, swapping, sending, and staking — all possible within one tool!

Part 1: Creating your Solana wallet

Head over to and click ‘Create a Wallet’. In the following screen, you can choose to set a password to add another layer of security to your account. While not mandatory, we highly recommend doing so.

Accessing Solflare
NEVER share your Mnemonic key with anyone!
The Solflare portfolio menu

Part 2: Creating & delegating your Stake Account

After you successfully funded your Wallet Account, it is time to create a Stake Account. To do so, you can either click ‘Stake Solana’ in the Portfolio Menu or head over to the ‘Staking Menu’ and click ‘Start staking’.

The beginning of your Solana staking journey — exciting times ahead!
Always leave some SOL in your wallet account in order to pay for transaction fees!

Part 3: Managing your Staking Operations

Solana Staking Rewards

Ever since Inflation was activated on Solanas’ Mainnet Beta in February 2021, delegators earn rewards for staking. Staking rewards automatically accrue on your Stake Account at the beginning of each subsequent epoch and are automatically re-delegated.

You can find a detailed overview of your stake rewards on Solflare and Solana Beach — this might come in handy for your tax return!

How to delegate more SOL

In case you want to increase the amount of SOL that you are delegating to a specific validator, it is recommended to create another, separate Stake Account and delegate it to the respective validator. To do so, simply repeat the steps described in part 3 of this guide.

How to stop delegating or reduce the delegated amount

If you want to undelegate the whole account, simply click on the respective Stake Account and hit “undelegate”.

How to undelegate your $SOL
Note that your undelegated $SOL are not liquid right away!
How to split your Solana Stake Accounts to undelegate a portion of your $SOL

Additional Information

In the upper right corner of the Solflare UI, you can find the main menu. There you find several options such as naming your account, importing another account, or logging out. Always make sure to log out of Solflare after you are done with your operations by clicking ‘Log out’. In the following screen, enter your mnemonic and then click ‘Log out’.

More operations within Solflare
How to access an existing Solflare account with your mnemonic phrase

What is the Warmup and Cooldown Period in Solana?

The Warmup and Cooldown period respectively, refer to the state of your Stake Account.

Let’s connect

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