Solana Staking Guide for Solflare & Ledger Nano S

How to Stake on Solana with Solflare & a Ledger Hardware Wallet

About Solflare

Part 1: Setting up your Ledger Nano S

Install the Solana App on your Ledger Nano S using Ledger Live

Part 2: Accessing your wallet

visit to get started
Choose a derivation path & address to continue
Choosing a password is recommend but not neccessary
This is the Portfolio menu of Solflare — you can switch between different tabs via the top menu bar

Part 3: Creating & delegating your Stake Account

This is the beginning of your Solana staking journey!
Always make sure to leave some $SOL on your wallet account so that you can pay for transaction fees!

Part 4: Managing your Staking Operations

Solana Staking Rewards

You can find a detailed overview of your stake rewards on Solflare and Solana Beach — this might come in handy for your tax return!

How to delegate more SOL

How to stop delegating or reduce the delegated amount

How to undelegate your $SOL
Note that your undelegated $SOL are not liquid right away!
How to split your Solana Stake Accounts to undelegate a portion of your $SOL

Additional Information

More operations within Solflare

What are the Warmup and Cooldown Period in Solana?

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