The Graph Curator Program Phase 1 — Mission Guide

Phase 1 Missions of the Curator Program

Mission 1 — “Climbing Everest”

Everest is a decentralized registry of Web3 projects and is built on Ethereum, IPFS, and a subgraph. It is maintained and curated by the community and constitutes a good starting point for curators to engage with and contribute to the ecosystem.

A) Contribute to Everest

There are several ways you can directly contribute to the Everest registry: adding a project, claiming a project, challenging a project, or voting on a challenged project. To get started with either of those actions, head over to & click on “Sign In” to connect your wallet. Currently, Metamask & Coinbase Wallet are supported. Before you continue make sure of the following:

  • have a sufficient amount of DAI in your wallet (10 DAI are required as a listing fee per project)
  • make sure to have enough ETH in your wallet to cover transaction fees
  • note that Ledger is currently not supported
Everest, a decentralized project registry powered by The Graph

Claiming a project

If you see your project owned by another entity, you can always request ownership. Visit the respective projects page and click the three dots to open the menu. Then click “Request ownership”. Please note that this will prompt a tweet with the affective parties tagged in it.

Challenging a project

If you see false, misleading, outdated information on a project page or a duplicate/fake project page, you can challenge it. Please note that you need to put up a deposit of 10 DAI as collateral. If the challenge is successful, the challenger will receive back the deposit and is additionally awarded 9 DAI. Should the challenge be unsuccessful, the deposit is transferred to the Reserve Bank and the challenger loses it.

  1. Inaccurate project details (eg. outdated information, broken links).
  2. Inaccurate categories or sub-categories
  3. Misrepresentation of the project (eg. inaccurate data, fraudulent information about the project details or activities)
  4. The project is not, in a broad sense, working toward decentralization

Voting on a challenged project

Voting on a challenged project helps to curate a qualitative registry in a decentralized manner. To see a list of all the projects that are currently being challenged, visit the overall “Projects” section on Everest and filter for “Challenged projects”.

B) Encourage others to list on Everest and/or to claim ownership of their projects

This task is quite self-explanators: get people to list projects on Everest or help projects get claimed to ensure accurate owners.

C) Provide feedback, report issues and suggest new features to the Everest repo

You can suggest new categories or subcategories as well as provide feedback in the form of feature ideas, bug fixes or design suggestions the Curator Program Repo.

D) Think of projects that could integrate Everest

Here you can let your imagination run free: what are ways through which the Everest dApp or Subgraph can be integrated into other dApps? What other valuable on-chain registries should exist? Drop your ideas in the completion form you received from The Graph team!

Mission 2 — “Web3 Data & Beyond”

Besides Everest, curators are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Graph Explorer.

“The best thing about subgraphs is that any app can use them since they’re open APIs, thus significantly reducing redundant backend development work. They also allow developers to run serverless applications, eliminating the central point of failure.”

— The Graph Team

Again, there are four tasks in Mission 2:

A) Play around with the Graph Explorer

Visit and check out the vast amount of apps that are using subgraphs for their products. Click on any entry to explore how each specific dApp leverages a subgraph for their product.

B. Suggest new subgraphs

Once you are familiar with the explorer, try to think of additional subgraphs as well as smart contracts, datasets, or dApps that should be indexed.

C. Evangelize subgraph usage

Know of any developer or project that could build a new subgraph or integrate other subgraphs live on mainnet? Spread the word about the Graph! As of now, Ethereum, IPFS, and POA are supported.

D. Create content about subgraphs and open data

This is for the creatives, writers, and content producers. Help others to get familiar with The Graph by creating educational content, funny memes, or by sharing your insights and experiences on your social channels.

Let’s connect

In case you have any questions, need more assistance or simply want to chat, always feel free to reach out to us via Telegram, eMail, Twitter or LinkedIn!



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