The people behind Staking Facilities

Meet our team of doers, tinkerers, and technology enthusiasts.

About Staking Facilities

We are a Munich-based, Web 3.0 infrastructure, and service provider. We run industry-grade, highly secure physical infrastructure co-located in top-notch, certified data centers within reach of our company headquarters. Guaranteed uptime, biometric security, and redundant power supply reinforce a continuous and secure operation. Through our state-of-the-art monitoring, we always know about the status of our servers and are alerted immediately if any abnormalities occur. For our customers, we offer non-custodial staking services, personal support, and tools for a variety of thoroughly vetted public Proof-of-Stake blockchains.

Louis Bauer [Business Development]

Louis, our swiss army knife

“The blockchain space is the perfect combination of computer science, finance, applications, and user behavior. We currently have the chance to redefine how this new financial ecosystem evolves. It’s the ultimate adventure.”

Next to his full-time position, he founded Bauer Ventures GmbH to also invest in the blockchain space through equity.

Gary Morris [Infrastructure Lead]

Gary, night owl & weekend-warrior

“The innovations we’re seeing in this space have the potential to have huge impacts on business, finance, and society as a whole. Every day is invigorating when you have the opportunity to be a part of this thrilling industry.”

In addition to heading the management of the Graph Indexer for Staking Facilities, he also somehow finds the time to run his own Indexer operations, as well as participating in various testnets. His interest in the space expands far beyond the usual “9–5” expectations, evidently!

Julius Schmidt [Co-Founder, COO]

Julius, haven of peace and governance advocate

“We live and work in a unique time of fundamental challenges and changes. Blockchain as a technology is our tool to have a positive impact on these by changing the underlying infrastructure for the better.“

As the only non-techie of our three founders, Julius is in charge of financials, legal, and operations. He is also known as our feel-good-manager, organizing various team events and Among Us gaming nights. Next to his internal engagements, he has retained his political background by representing us as Chair of the EBA PoS working group.

Wolfgang Albrecht [Co-Founder, CEO]

Wolfgang aka. Wolle, crypto rabbit hole of his own & SFs’ initiating spark

“The joy and privilege of living in the blockchain petri dish early on are inexpressible. A young and enthusiastic generation is rebuilding the digital pillars of our world. The interdisciplinary nature of blockchain creates emergent properties that will feed our curiosity for the next decades.”

We are proud to see Wolfgang as a board member of the Solana Foundation. There he accelerates the diffusion of decentralized technologies as public goods together with an amazing set of other board members. In the rare times when he manages to escape the crypto sphere, he loves spending time in the mountains with his wife and dog, Firenze (our Chief Happiness Officer). He’s into all kinds of watersports and likes to kick it with good friends.

Robert Dörzbach [Marketing & Communications]

Robert aka. Robs, gentle giant and multifunctional tool

“You often hear people say that the system is so screwed. The amazing thing about the blockchain industry and the overall Web 3 space is that now we actually have the chance to experiment with new system designs — this is really exciting! This industry is a blue ocean full of opportunities and has something in store for everyone — developers, financiers, lawyers, designers, marketers etc. “

Content creation, customer support, and a bit of UX/UI design by day — Magic the Gathering, sports, and drawing by night. Robert is as versatile as the crypto space and loves our brainstorm sessions, design sprints, and company events. Together with Felix Lutsch from Chorus One and Chris Remus from Chainflow, he also contributes to the Staking Economy Newsletter.

Lars Frölich [Software Development]

Lars -never least- aka. Mr. Automation

“The best driver of technological progress is a market that’s large, fiercely contested, and accessible. The blockchain-space provides perfect conditions across all three of these aspects: Its size is measured in billions of dollars, development moves at break-neck speed and it’s arguably the most accessible market to ever exist. I couldn’t imagine a better platform for technological innovation.”

Be it consolidating the analytics data of our validator nodes, setting up our new Website, or experimenting with new blockchain projects, it seems Lars can’t help but spread himself too thin. In his free time, Lars loves to tinker with model airplanes, 3D-printers, and other fun side-projects — that is, unless he’s traveling or running!

Florian Liss [Co-Founder, CTO]

Florian aka. Liss — walking wiki, notion order evangelist, and official Pokemon master (this is true)

“The biggest invention of our lifetime is programmable money. In a programmable world, we don’t need banks, brokerages, or any other middleman. Using Blockchain technology, you can directly trade and interact with anyone or anything in the world with confidence. The sheer amount of possibilities gives me goosebumps.”

At Staking Facilities, Florian is a technical allrounder — managing node operations, deep-diving into the peculiarities of each new protocol, and tinkering with existing tools or building completely new ones. Florian is a huge Lido fan and can’t wait for Ethereum to fully transition to Proof of Stake. He’s one of the Lido DAO MultiSig signers and even designed and produced his own set of Lido Hoodies — we’re quite excited to showcase them during the next DevCon.

Jeff Madgett [Blockchain Node Engineer, ext.]

Jeff, the personification of ESPNs’ Sport Center and our overseas node wizard

“When working in the crypto space, everything is moving at the speed of light and it guarantees that there will never be a dull moment on the job. There’s always something to do or improve too, so staying busy isn’t an issue!“

Jeff is a sports fanatic and can chat hours on end about any major sport with anyone — we can confirm this! His favorite sport is Baseball and his favorite team is the San Francisco Giants. Currently, Jeffs’ favorite sport to play is golf, because he’s getting older by the day (his words, not ours!) and for obvious reasons, it’s less stressful on the body, but also quite challenging for a ball that doesn’t move when you try to hit it. Furthermore, Jeff likes to collect sports cards and memorabilia. Other than that, he most enjoys spending time with his family.

Simon Kraus [Web Developer]

Simon aka. Sik, our alternative crypto-nerd.

“I always love new technologies and niche stuff but blockchain and DeFi are game-changers for whole industries, markets, and general finances. The problem right now is that it is accessible for everybody, but not usable by mainstream audiences. My goal is to help make it usable and accessible with better services and user-friendly UI/UX.”

In the last months he helped the HydraDX core team to organize the community, internationalize the docs, bootstrap the validator pool, being the registrar, and with different development tasks.

Victor Clausius [Chief Financial Officer]

Victor, family man, baller, burgerist, blockchain enthusiast!

“Blockchain technology has still very much of a founding spirit that attracts people from a different breed and provides unseen rapid developments. Open-minded and enthusiastic people all over the world are shaping a better future through accessibility, inclusiveness, and a new standard of reliability in a decentralized manner. This must be the best thing that happened to our generation.”

Besides enjoying spending time with his family and kids, Victor has been passionate about basketball since he was seven years old and used to play in the German U19 Bundesliga for FC Bayern München. Nowadays you can see him more often playing basketball at his console since it takes a less heavy toll on his aged body.

Glenn Gabriel Bona [Content Marketing Lead (ext.)]

Glenn, world traveler and faster than the speed of light!

“Blockchain seems like the perfect cross between science, finance and technology. It sits at an intersection that really pulls at my curiosity. Combine that with the potential for disruption and it makes everyday feel like you can help influence the future. At some point you begin to ask yourself how can I help?”

As a fractional Head of Content, Glenn aims to produce educational pieces that will help onboard and engage the growing crypto community. Outside of marketing, Glenn is a bit obsessed with ultra and trail running. His longest race so far was the UTMB Thailand 50 mile and he’s currently training for the 100-mile event later this year. Other than that, he enjoys watching the Lakers, travels photography, and the occasional music festival.

Dmitri Moudraninets [Senior Systems Engineer]

Dmitri, self-proclaimed geek, quick learner, and private DC owner

“Such things as blockchain are changing our world. People can now interact with each other in a completely new way. We are getting closer to a world described in SciFi books. I’m so excited that I can see it from inside and can be a part of this process.”

Outside of his business hours, Dmitrii usually spends his free time doing one or a combination of the following things: traveling with his family, riding bicycles, watching movies, or playing with modern technologies in his home lab (which looks like a small data center).

David Krenckel [Senior Linux Engineer]

David, our Magic: The Gathering OG, Tech multi-tool, and kindness evangelist

“Blockchain technology puts power into the hands of its users. In everyday life, it can simplify daily decision-making processes of consumers by disclosing origin and processing of goods. Producers will be able to regenerate trust in their value chains by providing transparency and unforgeability. Finally, it brings new reliance on their products.”

Besides enjoying spending time with his family, David has been addicted to Magic the Gathering for 18 years. He burns to continue this story at Staking Facilities having exciting matches with his new colleagues [and maybe defeat Liss someday] :). He loves to tinker around with all kinds of electronics and hardware up to printing missing parts for his custom beach cruiser project with his 3D printer.

Julian Deschler [Junior Software Developer]

Julian — former bankster, now: start-up evangelist, power student, and professional degen

“Blockchain Technology and in particular DeFi combines two of my areas of interest — Computer Science and Finance. It empowers users to recapture the value they create, which fascinates me each and every day. I also love the entrepreneurial spirit and I am sure that many of the new generations of superstar-tech founders will come from the blockchain space. I am also certain that Blockchain will play a major role in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations in 2015.”

Besides work and studies, Julian likes to do a lot of sports. He discovered Calisthenics for himself, a form of bodyweight training that can be done mainly outdoors. When he has time, he occasionally plays some golf or goes Thai boxing. In winter skiing is a must. Apart from sports, he also likes to read or find out about new crypto projects.

We operate industry-grade architecture and offer non-custodial staking services. We’re advocates for web 3.0, set to accelerate its’ adoption!